Remember that You Are Dust…

… and to dust you shall return”

On Ash Wednesday after three beautiful Ash Wednesday celebrations at the Gallery, ASLC, and Solaris, I was full of love and gratitude and exhausted. The twins had their first soccer practice of the spring season and I had arranged for a neighbor to take them not knowing what my Ash Wednesday afternoon/evening would look like. In my fullness and exhaustion, I knew that if I went home they would want me to take them and I didn’t have anything to give. The words I had uttered so many times that day tugged at my heart, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” I had an overwhelming urge to find somewhere quiet to connect with the earth and take that invitation to heart. So I found myself driving to one of my favorite beaches in Volusia, off of Flagler Ave in New Smyrna Beach, where surrounded by sand I let God’s invitation settle deep in my heart and soul.

Our lives are but just grains of sand in this beautiful experiment of life, this outrageous love story that God initiated. Too often we get so focused on our day-to-day wants, needs, and hurts that we forget to pause and remember what a gift and miracle that we even exist and get to participate in this beautiful experiment and love story. When we return to that sacred pause regularly, when we carve out space and time to commune with God and view our lives and our world from that lens, so much of what we concern ourselves with falls away and we can focus more clearly on God’s invitation to peace, healing, love and justice. Jesus did this regularly throughout his ministry, starting with 40 days in the wilderness. This regular practice of sacred pause kept him connected with God and God’s vision for his life and the world. How can you incorporate sacred pauses into your life regularly during this Lenten season?

So much Love & Light, Pastor Kari

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