Lent 2022

Join us in our Lenten practice of exploring the gospel of Luke with a reflection each day with folks from around the Florida-Bahamas synod and around the church.
The calendar below provides a schedule of readings for the 40 days of Lent (Sundays are always celebrations of the resurrection and are not included in the days of Lent).  Each day will include a link to a short video reflection on the day’s readings.  These reflections include contributions from our congregation, several other congregations, and people from around the broader church. If you have little ones in your life, consider coloring with them while you listen. Some gifted artists at Salem Lutheran in Orlando created a Lenten coloring book for the occasion. Download it now. 
Date                                  Passage                     Video Reflection Link                 
Wednesday, March 2     Luke 1:1-38               https://youtu.be/SUcmVVJQDS4
Thursday, March 3          Luke 1:39-56            https://youtu.be/0n-rl4u9gxU
Friday, March 4               Luke 1:57-80             https://youtu.be/dnnk7EeJt70
Saturday, March 5          Luke 2:1-21               https://youtu.be/EVc2ifFLfAE
Monday, March 7            Luke 2:22-52             https://youtu.be/SEYwF4yhbLs
Tuesday, March 8            Luke 3:1-38               https://youtu.be/334BH_yYckQ
Wednesday, March 9     Luke 4:1-30                https://youtu.be/NgOvbXcYxGc
Thursday, March 10        Luke 4:31-44            https://youtu.be/D3e7sOxGb3s
Friday, March 11             Luke 5:1-16               https://youtu.be/s5SoBjWUpGk
Saturday, March 12        Luke 5:17-39             https://youtu.be/79eID5lXESI
Monday, March 14         Luke 6:1-26                https://youtu.be/exWnt1pXsHw
Tuesday, March 15         Luke 6:27-49             https://youtu.be/cFQUVNvwPPw
Wednesday, March 16   Luke 7:1-17               https://youtu.be/jCxlcQXa8TI
Thursday, March 17        Luke 7:18-50            https://youtu.be/jX8eDTHUo80
Friday, March 18             Luke 8:1-25               https://youtu.be/hWQnYWsuZ2U
Saturday, March 19        Luke 8:26-56             https://youtu.be/ys_V5gIcscU
Monday, March 21         Luke 9:1-27                https://youtu.be/9rjVctFuzlg
Tuesday, March 22         Luke 9:28-62             https://youtu.be/RNUchtv3NJw
Wednesday, March 23   Luke 10:1-42             https://youtu.be/vZmVtRnUn_k
Thursday, March 24        Luke 11:1-23             https://youtu.be/Vuv6G2wreBk
Friday, March 25             Luke 11:24-54           https://youtu.be/Y53FnDQsw0M
Saturday, March 26        Luke 12:1-34              https://youtu.be/RFuQ61mx49c
Monday, March 28         Luke 12:35-59            https://youtu.be/zU5Ha3zqlmY
Tuesday, March 29         Luke 13:1-35              https://youtu.be/F_iDVbAp_vg
Wednesday, March 30   Luke 14:1-35              https://youtu.be/hT4a6tlJky8
Thursday, March 31        Luke 15:1-32             https://youtu.be/puF-2nP8bUU
Friday, April 1                  Luke 16:1-31             https://youtu.be/iGV2LvPqNLg
Saturday, April 2              Luke 17:1-37            https://youtu.be/datFmDwQtYw
Monday, April 4               Luke 18:1-43             https://youtu.be/-8-UJtARAvs
Tuesday, April 5               Luke 19:1-27            https://youtu.be/1hdFyHXdJt4
Wednesday, April 6        Luke 19:28-48
Thursday, April 7             Luke 20:1-26
Friday, April 8                  Luke 20:27-47
Saturday, April 9              Luke 21:1-28
Monday, April 11            Luke 22:1-38
Tuesday, April 12            Luke 22:39-62
Wednesday, April 13      Luke 22:63-23:12
Thursday, April 14           Luke 23:13-43
Friday, April 15                Luke 23:44-56
Saturday, April 16           Luke 24:1-53
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John 3:16–17