Would you like to learn more about stewardship and join us on our journey of becoming stewards at ASLC? Please, read on! These questions and tools can be visited regularly as we practice stewarding all that we have and all that we are.

God calls us to steward all that we are and all that we have to glorify God and help God transform the world. This year, we have been exploring the various spiritual tools God offers us to help us become better stewards. Please join us on our journey of becoming more generous and grateful stewards of our whole selves!

1)  What skills, relationships, and financial resources have you written off as inconsequential that could be offered up to the mission and ministry of God?

2)  What vulnerabilities, mistakes, traumas and ways/times that you have caused harm could you offer to God for healing and transformation?

3)  Who in your life or your community are you categorizing, controlling, manipulating or silencing that you could graciously receive as a gift and allow God’s radical abundance and liberation to move through you both?


Tools: Horton Hears a Who  by Dr. Seuss, Confession, Communion, Respectful Communication Guidelines

Respectful Communication Guidelines

Respectful Communication Guidelines from the Kaleidoscope Institute



4)  How is God inviting you to help steward the faith community at All Saint Lutheran Church and the church universal? Where are you being called to use your strengths and vulnerabilities to help at ASLC?
The ASLC values include:

    1. Celebrating
      • Weekly worship that is Bible centered, relevant and applicable in today’s world;
      • Friendly fellowship to all who join us for worship and renewal;
    2. Equipping
      • Creative Innovative ministries that serve all our present congregation and those still to come;
    3. Stewarding
      • Financial Stability in order to continue to do God’s work on Earth;
    4. Transforming
      • Faithful Service in our Church and to the Community at Large;
      • Engaging in Community Outreach by what we say, do and support

5)  What excites you about a cross-shaped life of stewardship, cooperation with God, and exquisite mutuality with all that God has created? What scares you?

6)  How is God asking you to use your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), all that you are, to cooperate with God to transform the world? How can you use your various roles or vocations to do so?

Parent/Sibling/Family Member etc.:
Volunteer Work:
Paid Work:
Citizen of the US:
Global Citizen:
Steward of the Earth:


Would you like to dig deeper and learn more?

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